Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vegan Mango Pancakes with Shrikhand-style Topping

My mother's full-time job never fit into a 9-5 time-frame but somehow she managed to make us dinner every night. Like many new moms, all of a sudden I have gained more respect for my mom. So, last mother's day, I made her mango pancakes with shrikand topping. The idea came from Mango Power Girl's mango shrikhand.

While tasty, there are many caveats to these recipes. While I generally think you should not follow a recipe, with this one, make sure to take heed:

  • Shrikand is a wonderful, and calcium-rich, Indian yoghurt dessert. The best shrikhand is lick-the-spoon thick. This "shrikhand" is much thinner than its true self.

  • Soy yoghurt while yummy does have an aftertaste that I don't love. So, I made the topping with regular yogurt. But, you can use vegan yoghurt. (We are not vegans; but I love vegan baking and cooking for the health, financial and environmental benefits. And, frankly, vegan recipes are often way easier than their regular counterparts. No creaming, whipping, separating.)

  • These pancakes seem to have structural issues so make them silver dollar sized. Don't get over zealous unless you are a masterful flipper.

Vegan Mango Pancakes with Vegan Shrikhand-style Topping

Vegan Mango Pancakes
Mix the following:
1 cup wheat flour
1 T +1 t baking power
1/8 t baking soda
1 pinch (1/8 t) salt
1 T sugar
1 cup unflavored organic soy milk
1 T olive oil

On an oiled cast-iron skillet, place 4--5 pieces of diced mango. Brown for a few minute.

Add a few tablespoons of pancake batter. Brown and flip.

Shrikhand-style topping
3 T yoghurt
1 t rose water
2-3 t crushed pistachios
1 t cardamom
1-3 pieces of saffron steeped in 2 T warm soy milk
2 t sugar



Anonymous said...

Vegan or no..these look really delicious. I love the ethnic take on the traditional pancake.

Anonymous said...

I love pancakes and these i have to try. lovely.

OhioMom said...

These look yummy, had to laugh at the "structural issues" :)

Anonymous said...

wow! These look seriously delicious! I have made strawberry and blueberry pancakes before, but never mango, so I'm very tempted to try these. I also like how the topping doesn't seem overly sweet; Also, cardamom + pistachio is one of my favorite combinations.

I'm guessing these would work fine with regular milk as well -- what do you think?

maybelles mom said...

thanks to everyone for the comment.

Jen-card and pistachio are my fav too. ANd, I think it should work fine with regular milk. Tell me how it goes.

Salty Incisor said...

oh so lovely...yum yum.. I have been into lassis lately and this topping reminded me of that

Jackie said...

They look really good, thanks for the recipe.

MPG said...

How creative...I'm coming over for brunch ;) I'll definitely HAVE to try your mom's pancake recipe!

maybelles mom said...

jackie, tash and MPG, thanks for stopping by.