Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tomatar Rice

Ages ago Mango Power Girl posted her recipe for Spinach Rice, and it made me think I should keep track of some of my veg rice recipes.

Belle has grown into a rice lover and so I try to make rice a value-added proposition. We often toss cooked brown (or white) rice with vegetables, most often eggplant or tomato. For the eggplant, I sautee diced veg, add veg stock or water, mint, cinnamon, and rice. For the tomato, I caramelize a bit of tomato paste and mustard seeds, add rice, water, tomatoes, curry leaves, lemon juice and sprouts. These are both delicious and easy. Paired ith some curry lentils; dinner is done in 20 minutes.



Sarah said...

J is also a lover of rice... I will keep your simple rice idea in mind when shopping this week. It sounds like a yummy EASY! week night meal. Thanks!

test it comm said...

That rice looks tasty.