Saturday, June 28, 2008

The B-Team: Apricot and Blackberry Pasta Pudding

and, for b-team 2 from my june royal foodie joust entry, on to that weird kid at the junior high dance. not the kid who smelled funny, but the kid whose outlook on life was just off the norm. of course, counting myself as that person, i think of this as a sort of compliment.

we love rice pudding here, so i decided pasta pudding must be just as delicious. this discussion brought serious consternation to maybelle's dad, the strong but silent better half of this blog. i have done absolutely no research to back up my belief in pasta pudding. but as is true of most marital arguments, conviction is 90 percent of victory.

we still had some fusili around. i browned the pasta in butter until just colored and then boiled it. i combined it with fruit, candied ginger (diced finely), heavy whipping cream, sugar and sabayon. and, baked the whole lot.

as it cooled on the counter, i added add a bit more cane sugar. and, then i allowed the scent, dare i say it, aroma, waft towards the italian-american one in the marriage.

this was really good. like that weird kid at the party, i think this is a little hard to sell to a wide audience, but it is true quality. and, i am sending this pasta dessert Waiter there's something in my... berries roundup at Cook sister!.

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