Saturday, June 14, 2008

French Lentil Salad with Roasted Garlic Lavender Vinaigrette

The smell of salt water minges with the scent of the freshly cut lavender decorating the table. I went in and out of attempting to eavesdrop on the French being spoken at the tables beside me, but resigned myself to savory my wine. Earlier today, I ate three slices of carmelized onion pizza; proof that Italy doesn't stop at the border (or that the French originated pizza)

Have you clicked over to check my profile yet? Yes, I am in Ohio, but this afternoon I was exhausted from a morning of arts hijinks. I came home to eat and relax. I wanted something satisfying yet elevated. We had wandered through the garden on the way in and somehow I decided to try to cook with our lavender. Certain herbs verge on the medicinal for my tastebuds, chiefly rosemary and lavender, but it really looked good to me. The result was surprisingly good and not overly floral.

I am also sending this on to No Croutons Required run by Lisa's Kitchen and Tinned Tomatoes. The theme this month is legume salads.

French Lentil Salad with Roasted Garlic Lavendar Vinaigrette

In a grill pan or in the oven, roast 4 cloves of garlic until softened.

Boil 2 cups French Lentils

While the lentils are boiling, grill:
5 pieces of asparagus
1 head of radicchio

grilled vegetables (though reserve the outer leaves of the radicchio as a serving vessel if desired)
4 small french radishes
1 small carrot
4-5 cherry tomatoes
small handful of parsley

Create the vinaigrette. Mash the roasted garlic. Add:
a pinch of kosher salt
1/2 t honey mustard
3-4 T cider vinegar
1-2 leaves lavender

Whisk in olive oil until a suspension is created.

Drain lentils, add to vinaigrette, toss in diced veg, add a handful of buccatini, and 1-2 fresh lavender flower roughly chopped. Add course sea salt or fleur de sel.


Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely delicious! I love the idea of using lavender leaves. I've never worked with lavender before. Any idea where it can be purchased (for those of us w/o gardents...)?

maybelles mom said...

I would say to answer your question--buy an organic lavender plant, leave it on your window sill until it bores you and dry it. Don't use the lavender you find at craft stores! Short of that search online for a purveyor of dried lavender blossoms (the leaves are not really used dried) or look at your local bakery/ candy making supply store.

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous and innovative dish. I love lentil salads and always like seeing new ideas for them. Lovely photo, too!

Lisa Turner said...

Thanks very much for your entry. A very creative salad this is. I'm loving all of the veggies.

Anonymous said...

THere are a couple of brands of dried culinary lavender on the market. I have one in my cabinet that, quite sadly, has lost its label. I may have bought it from if I recall correctly.

Ivy said...

I saw your recipe from the round up. Sounds delicious.

maybelles mom said...

thanks for the compliments and dana, thanks for the tip.