Friday, June 13, 2008

Basil Apple Rhubarb Pie

Ages ago, Susan from Wild Yeast made a Rhubarb Kumquat Gallette with Basil for Weekend Herb Blogging. Classy fruit pie, I say. And, I am nothing if not classy.

For my pie, I was feeling like an over achiever and decided to roll out both a top and a bottom pie crust. I made a basil simple syrup to add to my fruit (apples from the farmers market and rhubarb) and also added basil to the crust. Basil with fruit was a revelation to me and since then I have made two more fruit and basil pies--but, I really think the rhubarb and basil was the best combo. It struck me as being the sort of thing an Vietnamese-American family might eat at July Fourth--sort of Asian and sort of American. This was delicious when topped with condensed milk (yes, I still have too much in the pantry.)
I made this a while ago so I don't have a true recipe, but I do have a plan (half the battle in cooking.)

Basil Apple Rhubarb Pie (Inspired by Wild Yeast)

  1. Make one recipe of Pate Brisee. Chill and then roll out. In the process of rolling it out, add couple teaspoons of shreds of fresh basil.
  2. Create a simple syrup and add 1 leaf basil. Cool syrup and then add to sliced apples and rhubarb (2-1 proportion.) Add 1-2 T flour, nutmeg, chinese 5 spice and 1 more leaf basil cut into strips.
  3. Brush with an egg wash and then bake at 350 for 45 minutes
  4. Serve with condensed milk.



Anonymous said...

Delicious! Cool idea to use basil in the crust as well.

maybelles mom said...


Anonymous said...

Sacrilege! No Ohio pie-maker would ever – ever – would add any other fruit to a rhubarb pie – ever! Consider your Ohio pie-baker license revoked!

emily said...

awesome combination! we are trying a pie inspired by yours...with a touch of pear, in addition to the apples, rhubarb and basil. we'll post how it turns

great blog you have here!