Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pretend it is April...Ramp recipes

Close your eyes. Imagine the pollen filled, tree blooming days of April. Imagine there is still dirt under your nails as you have just reaturned from foraging for ramps in your friends yard....Alright, so mostly, I am just two month behind in posting recipes. But, I wanted to get these down for next year.
We ended up with lots of ramps; free ramps. We pickled, preserve, grilled, slivered, fried and sauteed those little guys. And, I posted some of the recipes. Here are some of the other ways we used them (and I would suggest trying many of them with fresh garlic.) What I would not suggest is to run out to Whole Foods and purchase 10 a pound ramps that are shipped in from Washington State. Silly!

Here are some other ways that we used our ramps, but that I couldn't write about.

Fresh ramps:
In a gazpacho with grapes

Pickled ramps:
in Sambar instead of pearl onions
while standing in the pantry
on a cheddar cheese sandwich

Grilled ramps:
on tostadas



Anonymous said...

I wish I had some ramps! I've been wanting to cook with them all season, hope it's not too late!
Your photographs are beautiful of the ramps! They look delish!

maybelles mom said...

thanks for the compliment on the photo. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the season is long gone here, so it might be there too.