Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cleveland Cupcake Project

I decided to do the Cleveland Cupcake Project for selfish reasons--I wanted to eat lots of cupcakes. But, as with all selfish plans, there are side-effects. I hadn't realized that it would make me feel a little bad to announce winners. Why? Because, I enjoyed all the cupcakes I ate.
But, my opinion didn't matter--it was the voters.

The prizes were two-fold. First for that delish local bakery...

And, so, imagine a drumroll,
anticipate heavily,
and the winner for best cupcake in Cleveland....

Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson

This great bakery specializes in cupcakes. And, all that singleminded-ness clearly paid off. To quote one brilliant voter, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"

Other votes came in for White Flour Bakery, Wild Flower Bakery, Appetite, Casa Dolce, Hough Bakery (RIP), Nature's Bin, Cleveland Cupcake Company, Grandma Freda’s Fresh Bake, Great Scotts Bakery

Most of my votes came by email from non-bloggers.

But, those bloggers that participated are clearly amazing. They include:
i heart cleveland (first to submit, yeah!)
Fun Playing with Food
Heights Eats
Cleveland Bachelor

I promised an award for the best blog entry, but really they were all interesting in their own way. So expect an email from me to get an address for your handmade prize. (If somehow, I missed your entry, email me at
Finally, I want to thank Cleveland Epicure, Eating Cleveland, Cupcakes Take the Cake for their plugs of the event. Next year, it will be bigger (smaller?) and sweeter. Promise. Thanks to all!

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Maggie said...

The dark chocolate frosted ones look awesome! Do you know what kind of frosting it is?