Monday, June 16, 2008

Asparagus Pasta Carbonara

My one time Taste and Create Partner Rossella made a lovely asparagus carbonara for the Osteoporosis event from Food Blogga. In her post, she quite rightly made the point that foods that prevent osteoporosis are delightful to eat. Her carbonara is quite easy to make especially if you have everything on hand as we did recently. I changed one element of the recipe. I pureed a little aspargus and whisked it with an egg yolk (which I had lying around from an asparagus souffle). The richness of carbonara can be off-putting but the addition of aspargus really makes this a wonderful dish.


test it comm said...

I recently made an asparagus carbonara as well. The asparagus went really well in the carbonara.

maybelles mom said...

kevin, i am glad to think we are thinking alike :}