Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mango Feta Salad (When will I leave the Poor Fruit Alone?)

mango feta salad
I love pushing fruit to the limit. Cooking a strawberry, kimchi-ing rhubarb, grilling an apricot--I am guilty of all these things. And, I am an unrepentent practioner of the savory fruit arts. Of course, the misses can be terrible; so much of the commercial raspberry vinaigrettes are criminally cloying. But, of the sucesses, there is a certain elegance born of the counterpoints that are possible in savory fruit dishes. I am trying to pack and prepare for a business trip, but I wanted to post my new power snack--Mango Feta Salad (sliced mango, basil, feta, olive oil, black pepper and sea salt.) Making it took less time than typing up this post.

And, while I am away, we will be in the final days of the Italy Food Lovers event. I am in a close race with another very nice recipe. If you are interested in my Ramp Gnocchi, vote for me.

(To do so, http://www.italymag.co.uk/italy/food-drink/recipe-competition/spring-pasta-2008 click on the Ramp Gnocchi, at the bottom of the entry there are pictures of flames, click on the one that is furthest right.)


Chibog in Chief said...

oh this is a beautiful combination!! i could very well imagine the taste :-) you should send this at Monthly Mingle Event I think they are doing a recipes with mangoes this is a fabulous entry :-)

btw, I would love to invite you guys to check Recipe Muncher, a site that that i just created for all food lovers www.recipemuncher.com i would really be happy to see you guys there!!

Cynthia said...

Pushing things to the limit is what makes people like your self such good cooks. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the suggestion of the kimchi.

OhioMom said...

Oh this looks yummy, and feta too? Yes .. fruit and cheese salads are the bestest :)

OhioMom said...

Oh my I jut checked out your Ramp Gnocchi and, of course, cast a vote for a fellow Clevelander :)

I love ramps, and bought them at our farmers market this spring ... I can sautee them and just eat them alone:)

Anonymous said...

Ooh... doesn't that look good! Perfect combination!

Anonymous said...

that's one hot looking fruit salad - i love fruit with black pepper - but i got stuck on the kimchied rhubarb. do tell!

test it comm said...

What a simple and tasty sounding salad. The salty feta would go nicely with the sweet mango.

Katie Zeller said...

I am embarrassed to say that I have never had a mangoe!
In my defense, it's not a big fruit here in the Vendee... but, still (hangs head in shame)
With this salad, I will try one next chance I get.
Oh... my s-i-l will be here next week... she's a mango expert!
I have a mission!

Anonymous said...

I'm really attached to this beautiful mango dish right now! I love feta too, so can you just imagine how excited I am right now? :)

maybelles mom said...

Dhanggit: thanks for the tips. I will check both out.

Cynthia: thanks for visiting

Ohio Mom: thanks for the vote

Ann: thanks!

Michelle: Oh, be patient, my child, and the rhubarb kimchi will make in onto the books; that is what they call a hook. :}

Kevin: Thanks. It isn't a far cry from your strawberry feta.

KatieZ: do tell me about your adventures with mango with your SIL

White on Rice Couple: kind words, thank you.

Lisa said...

Oh, your many takes on mango just fill my food imagination with sweetness!! LOVE mangoes. Mango pancake, fresh chopped mangoes and vanilla icecream, and then brilliant surprising combinations like this one... fabulous. I just wish I still lived in South Africa where the mangoes were plentiful, cheap and sweet all summer. Here in the UK they're overpriced and somewhat dodgy. Oh well. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - especially cos it led to yours! Contemplating the next step in the challenge that shall not be named right now... L