Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Icebox Experiment: Junk Pie (Fruit Pie with Ginger and Balsamic Vinegar)

What is the history of pie? There is likely a website, a public television special, a quasi-historical non-fiction book, and a play that all deal with the topic. But, it is my guess, that fruit pie was way to put a positive spin on pre-rotting food. No wait, it gets better.

The other day, I had some strawberries, apples, and nectarines that were one-day past gorgeous. In other words, they were tasty but bruised. So, they became pie; elevated resting place for the senior fruit.

With my mind focused on work, crazed dare I say, I decided to go experimental with the filling. To the fruit, I added ginger and balsamic vinegar. While the pie could have been juicer, this flavor combos seemed to be a hit at work; the pie didn't last too long.

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