Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vegan Mango Pancakes with Shrikhand-style Topping

My mother's full-time job never fit into a 9-5 time-frame but somehow she managed to make us dinner every night. Like many new moms, all of a sudden I have gained more respect for my mom. So, last mother's day, I made her mango pancakes with shrikand topping. The idea came from Mango Power Girl's mango shrikhand.

While tasty, there are many caveats to these recipes. While I generally think you should not follow a recipe, with this one, make sure to take heed:

  • Shrikand is a wonderful, and calcium-rich, Indian yoghurt dessert. The best shrikhand is lick-the-spoon thick. This "shrikhand" is much thinner than its true self.

  • Soy yoghurt while yummy does have an aftertaste that I don't love. So, I made the topping with regular yogurt. But, you can use vegan yoghurt. (We are not vegans; but I love vegan baking and cooking for the health, financial and environmental benefits. And, frankly, vegan recipes are often way easier than their regular counterparts. No creaming, whipping, separating.)

  • These pancakes seem to have structural issues so make them silver dollar sized. Don't get over zealous unless you are a masterful flipper.

Vegan Mango Pancakes with Vegan Shrikhand-style Topping

Vegan Mango Pancakes
Mix the following:
1 cup wheat flour
1 T +1 t baking power
1/8 t baking soda
1 pinch (1/8 t) salt
1 T sugar
1 cup unflavored organic soy milk
1 T olive oil

On an oiled cast-iron skillet, place 4--5 pieces of diced mango. Brown for a few minute.

Add a few tablespoons of pancake batter. Brown and flip.

Shrikhand-style topping
3 T yoghurt
1 t rose water
2-3 t crushed pistachios
1 t cardamom
1-3 pieces of saffron steeped in 2 T warm soy milk
2 t sugar



Erinn said...

Vegan or no..these look really delicious. I love the ethnic take on the traditional pancake.

Mónica said...

I love pancakes and these i have to try. lovely.

OhioMom said...

These look yummy, had to laugh at the "structural issues" :)

Jen (Modern Beet) said...

wow! These look seriously delicious! I have made strawberry and blueberry pancakes before, but never mango, so I'm very tempted to try these. I also like how the topping doesn't seem overly sweet; Also, cardamom + pistachio is one of my favorite combinations.

I'm guessing these would work fine with regular milk as well -- what do you think?

maybelles parents said...

thanks to everyone for the comment.

Jen-card and pistachio are my fav too. ANd, I think it should work fine with regular milk. Tell me how it goes.

Tash said...

oh so lovely...yum yum.. I have been into lassis lately and this topping reminded me of that

Jackie said...

They look really good, thanks for the recipe.

Mango Power Girl said...

How creative...I'm coming over for brunch ;) I'll definitely HAVE to try your mom's pancake recipe!

maybelles parents said...

jackie, tash and MPG, thanks for stopping by.