Sunday, July 13, 2008

Croque Shrimati (well, an updated Croque Monsieur)

I have never been a fan of French toast. It is too sweet a start for breakfast and too much of a single note for dinner. But, the egg-dipped sandwich is quite another thing. Rather than a croque monsieur, I have Indianified it, removed the ham and added mango jam or else very ripe mango. The result has enough protein to make a very filling breakfast with just the right amount of sweet to make it worthwhile. And, in case you are a real stickler, without the egg that is characteristic of the Croque Madame, using parallel structure, this should be called Croque Shri (Mr.) but as I am a Mrs. it became a Croque Shrimati.

Take some lovely bread. We used homemade brioche (oh, I love making brioche.) Line one side with a very sharp cheddar. Spread very ripe mango or mango marmalade on the other side. Put the sandwich together, and press slightly. (I put a cast-iron skillet upon it.)

In a bowl large enough to hold your sandwich, crack one egg. Whip the egg well. Add a few tablespoons of milk until the mixture is the color of a spring chick (well, light yellow.) To this mixture add a little hot chili and a little amchur (green mango powder.)

Soak your sandwich in the egg.

Grill your sandwich on each side while weighing it down. Again, I used a skillet, but with a can to add extra weight. Turn and repeat.

Serve with mango pickle and/ or mango chutney.

And, if you love a mango, as OhioMom very astutely said about me, here's more:
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I thought I would send this recipe on to the Mango Mania, the current Monthly Mingle by Meeta of What's for Lunch, Honey? (MMMM, kind of a tongue twister, huh.)


test it comm said...

A mango croque monsieur with mango chutney sounds great!!

OhioMom said...

I am not a french toast (or pancake) lover either, but this sounds luscious !

I crown you the Mango Queen :)

Sophie said...

What an exciting sandwich...I'm a big fan of french toast, but I'd definitely give this a try too :)...I love breakfast!

Swati said...

You've got a catchy name for this one.. and you
"indianified" version with amchur and lal mirch is giving it a grand twist.. not to forget the mangoes!!
Lovely breakfast thingie!!

Anonymous said...

Just love your style of writing as well as the recipe. Someday soon, I am going to try it but before that I want to check the brioche recipe now.