Monday, July 28, 2008

tea and globalization

Recently, i was reading a great deal about the history of tea. it made me think a little more about my caffeine habit. in the previous weeks, i have been drinking many cups. and, i was thinking about the carbon that has been expended.

Mango Power Girl is doing a good job of adding more vegan meals to her diet. We have tried this as well, and have good and bad days. recently, i jokingly commented on Mango Power Girl's blog that veganism is hard to do when you have dairy dreams as I do. though really, i think caffeine would be much, much harder to give up. of course, the carbon imprint of caffeine is greater because most of us pair it with milk and sugar. Then there are those disposable cups (if you do that.) I don't know. Some rational part of me wants to cut down, but some romantic part of me loves everything about tea drinking--the steeping (or even better the boiling of milk with leaves), the flavor, the smell, the lightest after taste on the tongue. When I think about it, nothing gives me quite that feeling; it is beyond mouth-feel, full-ness, taste. It is essential an experience, a pure moment. And, having coupled this consumption with such strong emotion, how do I break this? Especially when it enabled me through most of my procrastination....

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AmazinAlison said...

I've had the same thought and for a time I was resolved to grow tea and bergamot (I am an Early Grey fan) in my own back yard. Unfortunately, after some research I've learned that neither tea nor bergamot will grow in my mountain desert climate!

Living local to cut down on resource use and appreciate what we have on hand is a wonderful idea. However, I don't think that all international trade and imports should come to a halt. Trade has brought the exotic to and from cultures around the world for ages and I think that tea, coffee and chocolate fall in the category of items we should consume in reverent moderation and without a drop of guilt.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the thought provoking post and for participating in click. everytime we visit your blog - we smile when we see your header...we imagine that to be maybelle's hand!


maybelles mom said...

green mom, thanks for your thoughtful comment. i will be posting again about tea fairly soon (i started the post a couple weeks ago) and I will be thinking exactly about globalization and trade.

click, oh, that is belle's chubby hands. I have so many friends who joke that they only know her hands...