Sunday, July 6, 2008

Icebox Experiment: Cherry Lychee Rice Pudding

Cherry Lychee Rice Pudding
Well, it hasn't been much of a cooking weekend. Instead, I have been doing my other hobby--wasting time. Alas, this is a blog about actions and not inactions, so what did we eat? Well, I had serious veggie sushi dreams yesterday. But, I left the rice to steam way too long. (A Harry Potter movie marathon is an embarrassing reason to mess up sushi).

Overcooking rice is a serious offense if you ask me. So, as my husband debated what we could do with this rice (spinach rice, congee, rice patties, rice pancakes), I decided to take things into mine own hands.
Cherry Lychee Rice Pudding
With a surplus of condensed milk, it felt only right to show this mistreated rice some love by turning it into kheer. Kheer is rice pudding with a serious sugar problem and a staple of Indian restaurants and homes.

To make, I sauteed the rice in butter, until bits were golden, added condensed milk, a sprinkle of sugar (overkill is good), a cardamom pod or two. And, then near the end, I added a bit of lychee juice. I served it with some homemade cherry/pink pepper preserves and fresh lychee.

This was such a big hit that I barely had time to photograph it before it was consumed. (Or else, I was getting some seriously hands on criticism of my food styling.)

Cherry Lychee Rice Pudding


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! And lovely little cups to serve it in.

glamah16 said...

That looks and sounds amazing. I have been seeing fresh lychee and need to get some.

Peter M said...

Lychees in rice pudding sounds fabulous...Maybelles wee toes in the rice pudding, not so good! lol

Lore said...

Isn't it great when you turn a faux pas into a delicious must? Love it!

What's Cookin Chicago said...

Ooh... I made rice pudding last week and wished I came across this sooner. What a great way to jazz up rice pudding!

Anonymous said...

I love lychees... Would never think of pairing it with cherries so this is really interesting.

Jen Yu said...

What a glorious combination! I never would have thought of it, and now... it's all I have on my mind :) Looks terrific.