Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watermelon "Open" Raviolo

watermelon raviolo

I was so excited by the rabbit "open" raviolo at We are Never Full. My husband's Nonna, who was from Abruzzi, used to make something similar but called in Lasagna Pats. I have never heard this term anywhere else, so we have come to the conclusion it is either Abruzziese.

On this bright sunny day, I decided to make a summer "open" raviolo or lasagna pats. I topped the warm flat sheets of pasta with olive oil and hierloom tomatos, thai basil, red onion, watermelon and Greek mizithra cheese.



Anonymous said...

It's such a versatile way to use pasta, huh? When I read your comment on my blog about the lasagna pats, I thought that was so cool. I'm so curious what italian word it comes from (the 'pats' part, that is). it's so cool that this was something your husbands nonna used to make - must be from abruzzi! my family is from northern italy, so can't help you on that one.

i really like the idea you had of blending the salty, sweet and savory. i bet you it was tasty! i'd add something crunchy too (although the red onion prob. gave you that). Thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Cool seasonal recipe... This will be sure to impress :) Been looking for things to do with watermelon and this really stands out.

Ruth Daniels said...

What an absolutely awesome dish! I can't wait to borrow it and impress everyone I know.

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

What a fantastic idea! "Open" raviolo: how I heart thee. Like all strokes of genius, this one is profoundly simple, beautiful, and undoubtedly delicious.

Sophie said...

This is very cool...pretty pictures too!