Monday, July 28, 2008


It has been a quick summer. Most of June was focused on various family events (good and bad.) And, now July has come and gone and I am not quite sure what I did. Adulthood can really be like that; time disappears. But, after the spring, I realized that I need to hold onto a few minutes and to feel summer. So, here are some such moments--I know they are not food related, but they were such nice times and each of these moments were when my belly was full of food.





OhioMom said...

Cool pics ... I walk everyday with my other half, and see so many pretty flowers and other things, maybe I will take my camera with me ... good idea !

Sarah said...

beautiful pictures! we were recently walking around the bounty of flowers by trader joe's and spotted the most unusual bug. (i am not sure why but your frog picture reminded me of it) it looks like and acts like a humming bird, but is actually a moth. i had never seen one in person before. (i didn't have my camera, but if you google hummingbird moth you will find a lot of pictures)

maybelles mom said...

sarah and ohiomom, thanks. and you know, i think i have noticed many more insects this year. must be a good sign, no?