Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Red currant jelly

red currants
Currants are expensive. And, yet, they are like living jewelry. Their color is so appealing; one of those colors that you might love to capture and view always in your walls or clothing but can’t. That is of course due to the way each little jewel captures and refracts the light like an unfaceted gem. And, so, I bought a few boxes. I let them sit in the fridge for fear that I would misuse my precious bounty. They sat in the fridge for a while like some prom-queen turned wallflower. Finally, guilt got me into action and we sprang forth with many recipes. (And, eventually, I have begun to post them.) The jelly seemed a natural. It didn’t make much. Enough for some cupcakes, a cocktail (yes), and a couple breakfasts. Basically, I cooked my lovelies with equal parts sugar, strained, and then added a smidge pectin and waited for it to set. delish.

red currants jam


The CFT said...

Wonderful post, with pictures to match.

test it comm said...

I saw some red currants at the farmers market and wondered what I could do with them. They do look really good. Jelly would be a nice place to start.

Helene said...

I have currant envy...not one near sight over here. I guess we are not a currant state ( no pun intended but that could work!)

maybelles mom said...

The CFT: thank you

Kevin: do make the jelly. so good.

Tartelette: so sorry, wish you could get some.