Monday, August 4, 2008

Farida, I love You--Stuffed Vegetables


Farida, that Azerbaijani cooking whiz, so kindly gave me an award recently. First, Farida, Thank you.

Second, I am not great with awards/memes. I attribute this to a childhood of being picked last for games. (Yes, that was a pathetic ploy for sympathy but also true as I am totally uncoordinated.)

Anyway, I have such a hard time picking people for awards, but at the same time I am honored, because Farida's Azerbaijani Cooking is so wonderful and popular. So, I didn't want to seem ungrateful. So, I have decided instead of passing on the award, I would just honor my award giver by making one of her recipes. (I will treat those meme passer-on-ers the same soon, you know who you are.)

For Farida, I had to go with her stuffed vegetables. While aesthetics affect me more than I would like to admit, I made this choice not because of the lovely photograph (though it was lovely) but because of the inclusion of dal. It was a meat free night so we took out the ground meat, and upped the amount of dal to 1 cup, paired it with 1 cup cooked rice. (In case you are keeping score, I followed her directions and added the rice when she directed you to add meat.)

The result was delicious. I alloted two stuffed vegetables per person and one for Belle. We ended up with a little more stuffing, and I planned to make them into veggie burgers, but it was so good, we ended up eating it for breakfast. Alas.



michael, claudia and sierra said...

LOVE this meatless version...

really beautiful and seasonal and all good things.

Anonymous said...

i can feel myself losing weight as i even think about making myself some of those stuffed veggies. they look really healthy and really delish.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful summer meal. I am going to make these for myself and vegan clients tomorrow with the eggplant.Thanks for the inspiration.

Melissa said...

So, I have decided instead of passing on the award, I would just honor my award giver by making one of her recipes.

What a GREAT idea!! I wish I had done that in the past. Nice one.

And these look lovely. :)

Dragon said...

Congratulations on the award. I'm sure it is well deserved. If only for those stuffed tomatoes alone.

Poonam said...

Great dish! Congrats on the award!

pam said...

I love this! I keep meaning to try stuffing some vegetables.

Anonymous said...

You deserved the award! I love your blog a lot. And I love you too:)

And what a surprise!!!! I am soooo honored that you actually took the time and efforts to try our my stuffed veggies! So nice of you.

So glad you liked them. I think the meatless version is equally delicious, I can tell from your pictures. Yum!

Thanks again!

Sophie said...

What a yummy picture! I love the summery colors :).

test it comm said...

Those stuffed vegetables look really good!

maybelles mom said...

cook eat FRET: meatless is good...

We Are Never Full: you don't need to loose weight, but these are good.

lifeinrecipes: do tell me how your eggplant went.

melissa: feel free to use that on memes too, and thanks.

Dragon: the tomato was good, but so was the eggplant and zucchini. I couldn't pick a favorite.

Poonam: thanks and thanks.

Pam: peer pressure here, everyone is stuffing vegetables.

farida: it seems like we are even--i thank you for the recipe.

Sophie: thanks. it was such a nice sunny day, so that made it more colorful.

Kevin: thanks.