Monday, August 18, 2008

Peach Galette from Cooking in Cleveland


As I said a few weeks ago, instead of tagging people with memes and awards, I will instead be making one the giver's recipes. So, next up for this treatment is Cooking in Cleveland. My fellow Northcoaster has a great garden and uses fresh produce to make wonderful, fresh recipes.I met her through her very successful Strawberry Moon Festival. She is very enthusiastic and kind in her blog and her comments.

She has been busy all summer so I had a hard time picking what to make from her site. It the end, I decided I needed something sweet after one heck of a tough couple weeks. I went with her peach galette; though I also coveted her peach kuchen. (There is still time in the season.) My husband and I cuddled on the sofa eating our rustic pie while we watched the olympics. Right on recipe, let me tell you.

So, she tagged me a while ago in hopes that she might learn 6 things about me. (or because she had to pass on the meme.) So, below are my six things...

  1. I adore the movie “Clue”
  2. Cooking from recipes makes me anxious
  3. My strong dislike for coconut is slowly abating (but only in spicy food.)
  4. I still love macaroni and cheese from the box
  5. It takes me over 1 week to eat a chocolate bar. (1 little nibble a night.)
  6. I can polish off a bag of potato chips in one sitting. Easy.



OhioMom said...

Oh that is so sweet of you, I was partial to this dessert.

LOL .. about the chips, they are my weakness, but over at Jugalbandi they have a microwave one I may just have to try. NO fat !!

maybelles mom said...

oh, make those microwave chips. I did them with my apricot pulled pork and they were delicious.