Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lunch Soup

So, we are trying to do better bringing our lunch to work. As weather is getting cooler (sorry,
but it is), perfect as a lunch item, soup boasts little work in production, filling, and healthful. And, you can take your whole lunch (protein, carb, veg) in one easy tupperware. For some, this might not be an issue of contention, but for me it is. We have a variety of attacks on the tupperware in our house. There are some figures in the household who don't always put all the tupperware in the right drawer. There are also some tupperware gremlins, alright just one and her name is Belle. My beloved magpie has lids and bottoms here and there. So, just before we get to bed, I need to have pack up lunch, and I dream of finding but one tupperware. As much as I have bento dreams, I know that a bento box wouldn't last in a minute in my house.
The first soup for work was with some lovely fresh kidney beans from the market. I sauteed cubed eggplant with garlic, cinnamon and fennel seeds, added one fresh tomato diced, and some vegetable stock. Near the end, I added macaroni (it was a little over cooked in the end because I got distracted.) The soup was very delicious and hearty. This meal was also baby-friendly. She loves eggplant. And, she loves kidney beans.


Maggie said...

This sounds excellent! I love fennel seeds. I have a jar so I can make tofu and tempeh taste like Italian sausage.

We're getting that colder weather here today. I'm just trying to think of how nice the trees will look soon.

Anonymous said...

i love soup!

pam said...

Soup is my favorite thing to take for lunch too! I'm impressed that she loves kidney beans and eggplant!