Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chicken Sicilian sausage in black currants

Red Currants

I adore currants. They are out of season now, but, as with everything, I end up being late to the party in posting recipes. They were baked with, cooked with and eaten plain. For the cooking, we paired them with meat: Chicken Sicilian sausage in black currants. It was an easy late night dinner after work. The sausage was braised with onions, dried currants, fennel, water and a bit of blue moon. It was serves with black currant jelly and bread.

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Anonymous said...

I love currants, but here in Rome they are really expensive. My mother garden is full of them, but it's in Udine (north-east of Italy).
I was surprise to find cheap and many currents in canadian and belgian markets. I envy you to have them :)

I haven't heard before of dried currants.