Monday, May 5, 2008

Violet Pea Soup

I am fairly confident that I have lost most of the interesting articles that I have read on the Internet—so I can’t cite this. But, somewhere I read that peas and violets are a lovely taste combo. I planned to make a pea soup with violets, but instead we had rice noodle soup with a pea-like combo salad. How? Well, I wanted rice noodles and I wasn’t very interested in blending anything. We combined pea, fava beans and soy beans (frozen and quickly microwaved) with red onion, diced carrot and a smidge of sesame oil and some rice wine vinegar. We used this salad as a topping for rice noodles that were boiled in vegetable broth. And, then we topped the whole thing with a huge handful of violets.

The result was good—but I wouldn’t say this was the showcase for my flowers. I have read that the purple violets are sweeter, so perhaps it also could have been the flowers. But, hey, they didn’t negatively affect my soup either. Well, hopefully the other violet adventures are more successful.


Swati said...

Love the soup.. Its amazing how violets can be used for cooking...Thanks for sharing such wonderful things with us.

Lucy said...

Gosh, lovely idea to combine those two fresh flavours.

Very pleased to have found your elegant little blog.

Good luck with War and Peace!

Susan said...

Anything with violets gets my immediate attention. A clever and charming idea!