Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rebellion is Cool

The kitchen is a perfect venue for innovation and experimentation. Short of a grease fire or botulism, the consequences of failure are generally small. The benefits of success are delish.

But, kitchen innovation is about a mindset. A kitchen innovator has a healthy sense that recipes should be changed; tools should be used in a manner not planned by the manufacturer; flavors hereto uncombined are apt partners. In other words, a kitchen innovator is rebellious by nature. Of course, this kind of rebellion is well appreciated in the food world—Ferran Adria is basically a god for some. For me, I appreciate the home-bound brilliance.

One such spark of innovation to me was Aaplemint’s use of spoons in lieu of madeleine pans. I have one mini-madeleine pan but really need 4 if I want to make a full recipe. So, this innovation much appreciated. Good job, Aaplemint.

Spoon Madeleines

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