Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ramp Kimchi, Masoor Dal and Potato Sandwiches

Ramp Sandwich
I have a terrible back log of ramp recipes to post. It seems sort of cruel to do so as the ramp season is over (at least in Northern Ohio.) But, as this blog is mostly a selfish exercise of journally our culinary adventures--I am just going to put these recipes down regardless of the present availability of these ingredients. (Apparently, I am hard-hearted inside.)

The ramp kimchi we made ages ago was fantastic and easy. As made commenters said, it is easily enough to do, and it would likely be good with green or fresh cultivated garlic. A few weeks ago, I wanted a hearty sandwich with my tea in the late afternoon. I had some cooked masoor dal in the fridge, so I microwaved a potato, chopped up some kimchi (1 tsp per sandwich) and put a heaping mound in two pieces of wheat bread. My sister-in-law's waffle iron is becoming my new friend (even if it doesn't approve of falafel making), and the result was spicy kimchi sandwiches. Best served with hot black tea.

These were such fantastic sandwiches--warm and spicy; I kind of wish I had one with me right now.

While there is no recipe, I think the point is two-fold: kimchi is great in a warm sandwich and if the dal is thick enough it can be used in a sandwich. Food-n-More has a sandwich event, so why not include this lovely?
Ramp Sandwich

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Anonymous said...

Great use of a waffle iron! I appreciate your cross-over of flavors, too -- Indian lentils, potatoes and Korean kimchee. Love it!