Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cleveland Cupcake Project--Lest you forget

It’s a sunny Sunday in Cleveland. All of the bakeries near my house have the day off. But bright and early tomorrow morning, there will be bakers all across Cleveland making fluffy, yummy cupcakes. When you have gotten fed up with the politics of work, where will you turn for your cupcake needs? Well, the Cleveland Cupcake Project can help. We already have two early entries—one at i heart cleveland and one at Heights Eats. And, while both bloggers are clearly trustworthy, why take their word for it? Go out and search for your own favorites, write about it and then tell me. (Feel free to use the logo in your entry.) The directions and rules for the Cleveland Cupcake project are here. And those without blogs, please remember to email your fav (with a picture) rather than leaving it in a comment.

And, this doesn’t have to be a solitary event at all. Join your fellow man in this endeavor. Mr. Epicure at Cleveland Epicure will be eating his way through the West Side Market for the event; he is a man who clearly embraces a challenge. My co-workers and I will be planning a lunch date at work where we will bring in cupcakes from around town to taste (and photograph.) Go forth, I say, and eat your way across Cleveland’s bakeries.


annie said...

this is very very exciting... does the cupcake shop in hudson count, or is that too far away?

Anonymous said...

My hope was that the cupcake eaters who joined me would submit entries and I meant to submit my own, and then life got in the way. I am sorry for not getting my entry to you.