Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tiny Kumquat Madeleine Citrus Curd Condensed Milk Trifle with ...

kumquat madeleine trifle
Alright, I was tempted to add something else to the title just for effect, but the actual elements are funny enough. I had all these elements on hand for various reasons the other day when I really needed something sweet. It is very rare that I yearn for a sweet, but when I do I lean towards the tooth-shattering. I had made kumquat madeleines as a gift. We also have more condensed milk at home than a Vietnamese coffee stand. Why? Lord knows. But, thanks to the French colonists of Indochine, we know that condensed milks lasts pretty well. And, then orange/lemon curd was quick to whip up.

The result was both refreshing and shockingly sweet. In the future, should somehow this perfect storm of citrus appear again in my refrigerator will I make this? Heck yeah. I have already come up with a plan to make up 15 or so for a late winter's brunch (when citrus is back in season).

This trifle is also my entry for this month's sugar high fridays: Citrus, an event started by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess and run this month by Tartelette.

Recipe/ Plan
Blah blah blah Trifles

In a small cup or even a votive candle holder (as picture), layer madeleines [made in a mini-mold or with teaspoons (as invented by Aaplemint)] with cream or whipped cream and citrus curd.

Condensed Milk Cream

Mix vigorously 1/4 cup greek yoghurt with 1 T condensed milk.(This is good for 2 mini-trifles)

Citrus Curd

I followed this recipe from Fine cooking but halfed it. Also I used half lemon juice and half orange juice(This is good for 2 mini-trifles)
kumquat madeleine trifle


Anonymous said...

oooh.... I recently made a batch of candied kumquats, which I bet would go wonderfully with the condensed milk cream/madeleine portion of the recipe... thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Yummy yum!I love condensed milk a lot. And I see it in your recipe. I want some!

Anonymous said...

I love condensed milk and have never tried it in anything else other that Viet coffee.
LOL!! Have more cans than a Viet coffee shop? Can I buy some of that condensed milk off of you? ;)

Anonymous said...

What a perfect little dessert for a hot summers day. I have to try this recipe on my next BBQ. Wonderful!

Unknown said...

Thak you for your entry! There is not one thing in this dessert that I would not devour!!