Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grilled Halloumi and Asparagus Salad

The other day, my husband and I were discussing how true this blog is to us and our lives. Would we have made ramp gnocchi if no one was watching (if only virtually)? Anyone who has attended our home for any meal would know that the answer is yes. For example, when my doctor told me I needed to increase my calorie intake, we did not turn to fast food or portein powders, we turned to homemade pasta every Sunday. Point is, we have always loved to cook.

But, the blog has changed one major thing about my cooking--well, that is I have begun making dessert. My husband and I made desserts only twice a year up until this year--caramel cake for Thanksgiving and piselle for Christmas. Now, I have been making macarons, chocolate cakes, cupcakes, madeleines...well, many, many sweets.

These desserts, with their specific directions and measurements, can be insanely difficult, and I appreciate hard won successes. But, I don't have a sweet tooth. Usually the desserts go to work or to friends. If they should lie around, my husband has been known to indulge.

So, what to do? Healthy food. With the spring market, it is much easier to do this. So, for lunch today, we had grilled halloumi and asparagus salad. This was a quick, refreshing and satisfying lunch. Nourish me had such a lovely recipe for goat cheese salad that I felt moved to make a cheese salad for the No Croutons Required cheese salad event.

Grilled halloumi and asparagus salad
Cut into 1 inch pieces and steam:
6 young spears of asparagus

Slice very thinly (or even use a pealer)
2 small radishes
1 young carrot (yellow is pictured here)

In your serving bowl, smash one piece garlic with salt until a paste is forced. Add:
2 T lemon juice
3 T olive oil
a sprinkle of oregano

Grill hallomi until warmed but still firm. Cool slightly and diced.

Toss halloumi with dressing and then add vegetables. Serve over mache.


We Are Never Full said...

We just had a grilled halloumi salad on Friday night and I'm still dreaming about it! This is inspiring me to make it! yum... salty... delicious.

Lisa said...

Thanks for this entry. It just so happens that I tried halloumi for the first time just recently and it turned out to be my contribution to our event.

My sweetie is especially keen on asparagus. This one is going into the file of must tries. Printing, just now.

industrialpoppy said...

I'll be making this this evening!

Lucy said...

Beautiful salad. The event happens monthly - hope you'll enter again next month, too.

Wish my doctor would tell me to increase the calories!

Johanna said...

asaparagus and halloumi is such a great combination but I am intrigued by the addition of radishes which I would never think to do (and I make more desserts for my blog than I would make just for us - but I eat them which is probably why my doctor doesn't tell me to increase the calories)