Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowscape Masala Soy Milk

Basically all of Ohio is in a weather warning zone. Cincinnati has had 15 inches and Cleveland never likes to be outdone by the Queen City. While this is definitely a boon day for weathercasters, it is also a great day for cooks. Yesterday afternoon, we took Belle out in the snow. She had been unwell much of January and February, so it was the first time she had been out in the snow since the holidays. Outfitting her for the climate was a somewhat difficult ordeal for her parents; once completed, the glorious red puff that she had become was full of protests. When we took her out, she was completed transfixed by the wonderland that the protests subsided. She just stood and looked out across the snowscape.

Today, the weather took a turn for the worse. It snowed all day and the wind gusts made the weather basically arctic. While we had hoped to be at our dear, hilarious friend H—‘s party, we stayed in. I made sandwiches all day and caught snippets of food TV when she napped. We ran around and I pretended I had no work to complete. My husband and I discussed some food adventures we might attempt tomorrow, weather permitting. All in all, the weather helped us relax. While someday there might be hot chocolate and marshmallows, today, she was too young for chocolate and so instead we had masala soy milk.

I heated the milk to a lukewarm temp in the microwave and added one drop of pistachio oil, one cardamom pod, a few stamens of saffron, and a pinch of sugar. If I was drinking it, I would have also added a little black pepper. I let her drink it with me from a mug. She was adorable with her milk mustache.

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