Sunday, March 2, 2008

Raquette-shaped pasta

The panoply of pasta shapes promises countless dishes born from a single source. Many of these shapes though seem to be more about humor than the appropriate sauce. De Cecco Racchete (racquet shaped pasta) is one of these humorous shapes. Belle had a surprise guest for dinner, her friend J—, the other night and as he doesn’t eat citrus or dairy but does eat meat, I made a quick “green” sauce with sautéed onions, garlic, frozen peas, frozen asparagus, and steamed kohlrabi. The most surprising thing was that Belle ate turkey meatballs because J-- was eating them.

We used the last of the pasta tonight to make homemade spaghetti o’s. I had a little homemade pasta sauce that I watered down. I cooked Heinen’s chicken sausage with the tomato sauce and then served the racquette with nutritional yeast, tomato sauce and a few disks of chicken sausage. We served it with a side of roasted beets. There were some surprises with this dinner—the sausage and the beets were big hits.

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