Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jacket potatoes with Kale

I am an omnivore and I love nutritional yeast. I love it on popcorn, on pasta, on baked potatoes. It is yummy, yummy. It means I have to run to the store that was Wild Oats, but frankly, it’s worth it.

I had started using it as a B vitamin supplement for the meat-free Belle. But, I have gotten to the point where I actually crave it. I have never enjoyed Marmite. It is a beloved childhood memory for one of my friends, but my first experience of it in high school, spread thickly on toasted white bread, didn’t float my boat. I had the distinct feeling that I was eating someone’s science experiment—it was all rich tones and no subtlety. (Though, while writing this, after a couple decades, i think perhaps it does deserve a second taste.)

Nonetheless, nutritional yeast is nothing like my memories of Marmite. First of all, it comes in flakes, rather than as a thick paste from a jar. But, to me, there are nutty undertones to nutritional yeast—it is a little like parmesan, but different. I suspect even if Belle goes back to milk, nutritional yeast will still be on the menu—its just good.

The other night, we decided to have baked sweet potatoes with sautéed kale and onions and nutritional yeast. The whole menu in fact was a means by which we could serve the yeast. Yes, its that good.

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