Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zucchini Oatmeal Bars


It happens every year. After the long winter, you might forget about it or you might dread it, but either way, when it happens you feel the sting of memory and uncertainty. What am I talking about? The curse of the giant zucchini.

We haven't grown zucchini in a couple of years because our gardening efforts have been lackluster since the baby. However, when we did, we tried to grab zucchini on the smallish side. A large zucchini to me has all the tough skin of a winter squash and none of the sweetness. But, then some friend has one in her garden and kindly (or maniacally) passes on such as specimen, and then one evening you are staring at a zucchini that rivals your dog in size.

Recently, I took one of these suckers to task. I sliced it like giant steak fries. I decided to make savory oatmeal bars; that staple of bake sales. I first made a oatmeal crust with oatmeal, butter and olive oil--plus paprika and poultry seasoning. Topped it with zucchini and tomatoes and then poured over beaten egg and cream. While good, these were basically cubes of quiche, so the "bar" idea didn't come through. However, it did mean that I slayed a giant zucchini, and this time of the season, that is an important accomplishment.



A_and_N said...

Well, I LOVE zucchinis :) So this is a great recipe for me :) Thanks for sharing it!

And if you are dreading about feeding zucchini, what abt kids' favorite'....broccoli???? :)

Maggie said...

My poor zucchini plants didn't make it to the end of summer but this sounds so good I'll have to raid the farm stands. Great idea!

OhioMom said...

Which is why I buy lots and lots of zucchini at the beginning of the growing season and grate and put it up for later :) Like you I do not care for the big uns! This looks great though.

Anonymous said...

yeah i always find myself wondering what to do with all my zucchini during the summer. i have actually never froze it so i will have to test that out.

this dish looks great!

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Looks good enough to me to eat. It is "kinda" like a bar -- as long as there's a crust somewhere, I'm happy! This is so creative.

Manggy said...

That's quite imaginative! I would never have thought to make *savory* oatmeal bars. They look fantastic!

Natalie Que said...

Okay, I already left this comment, but it disappeared! Sorry if it is a repeat!

-Great minds MM, jinx!

This looks so tasty, maybe even a better way to use up the biggies than zucchini bread -is that possible? Some of them are so large you could probably make both!

Lucy..♥ said...

That looks so good, I still have the Z's coming along, but soon harvesting will be ending though. Yesterday I found one Z in the garden & cooked it up as a side.

test it comm said...

Savoury zucchini oatmeal bars are a great idea!

maybelles mom said...

A_and_N: Oh, I am not dreading feeding her zucchini, I am dreading the zucchini. She like zucchini well enough, some days.

Maggie: Yeah, ours did do well either.

OhioMom: grating it is the way to go to freeze it, huh.

Tasty Trends: I have never frozen it either. I wonder... (read ohiomom's comment.)

[eatingclub] vancouver || js: thanks.

Manggy: thanks and thanks for visiting.

hot garlic: Glad to be in your company.

Lucy: it is nice as a side.
Kevin: thanks.