Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sasa Matsu Redux

We returned Sunday for dim sum with Maybelle. In the bright winter light, the interior is actually quite fresh and not as 80's I perceived it yesterday. The banquet is upholstered in a Marimekko-style fabric that looks nice against the white tables. All in all, loved every moment of lunch.

As it was called dim sum, I was unsure what to expect. I began to imagine little blond wood carts and waitresses clad in grey natural fiber skirts and matching fitted coats. Afterall, every store and restaurant job in Japan seems to come with a tailored uniform. Sadly or thankfully, this fantasty was not at all correct. Instead, dim sum was to be ordered off the menu, and true to the izakaya style, and came out as soon as they were prepared.

We ordered so much food that three hours later I am still full. Driving over, we decided to order the Vegetarian Takitomi rice for May. The menu, one typed page front and back, was deceptive, in that at first glance I thought, I will just order one or two items, only to find that I had ordered a banquet. We had so much food. Maybelle loved the chinese greens, the takitomi rice, the tempura yams. We loved the chicken katsu, the barbequed pork and steaming hot octapus balls. Each item came with lovely little condiments and such. There were the long vinegary daikon threads, shredded fried yam(?), and pickled onions. In fact, this morning, either the rush of the food or a night's sleep has changed all perception. I find that with the lovely plating of these condiments I don't so much mind that the plates are not round.

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