Saturday, September 26, 2009

Making your own Silk Route Tent


To create your own silk route feast, you would need: 1 long string or garden twine, a laundry line, clothes pins, white duct tape, eye hooks, colored paper (I made 100 grape leaves and 70 prayer flags.)

For the grape leaves, I made two per 11 by 17 sheet of paper. Free hand or download a picture of a grape leaf, trace two onto the paper. Photocopy, and then cut. Staple leaves to the line. Be careful they will get all tangled up, so keep the line on a kitchen paper towel dowel.

For the prayer flags, cut 8 by 11 sheets in half and stamp. Lay down white duct tape. Place flags on the tape, leaving the top half of the tape empty. Fold down the tape to cover all the glue.

Assemble the laundry line. Clip up CLEAN PRETTY sheets. Hang grape leaves and prayer flags from the ceiling.

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