Monday, November 17, 2008

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Beet Cupcakes



Displays of gratitude have the chance of being hallow, perfunctory gestures. Form thank you notes turn kindness and emotion into empty formality. On the other hand, edible thank yous, those carefully chosen sweet somethings, can be the polar opposite.
Recently, I stood the metal shop at my place of employment hunched over some medieval torture device that smooths out the rough edges of metal. A strange picture it must have been. The men in the shop were using their break to affix sequins and notions to funny cards for a coworker’s good-bye party. And, I, in my 3.5 inch pink stiletto heels, black mini-skirt, and tailored black silk shirt, was cutting, drilling and polishing metal tubes. Why you ask? I work in the sort of non-profit world where you do whatever you need to get the job done (hence giving up my evenings to work rather than blog.)

In an effort to thank the guys at work for their kind, kind instruction and openness, I wanted to create some spectacular cupcakes. Vegan Chocolate, chocolate beet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and then tiny gum paste tools seemed tasty decadent. I veganized the recipe from Cook & Eat.

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Beet Cupcakes
Adapted from Cook and Eat

2 cups beet puree (about 3 large beets)2 sticks unsalted margarine, melted2 cups sugar½ cup brown sugar
2 Ener-G replacer
¼ cup apple sauce
1/2 cup soy milk
1 1/2 cup flour
3/4 cups unsweetened cocoa
2 t baking powder (plus 1 tiny pinch)
1/2 t salt
1/3 cup vegan dark chocolate chips (or a little less)

Combine the margarine, sugars, apple sauce, and beet puree. Dump in dry ingredients and mix. Add the chips at the end.


Sarah said...

Those look great! Did the beet flavor come through? What is Ener-G replacer? Ben bought the most amazing vegan cupcake from the farmers market that was in front of Trader Joe's... I think I need to try baking vegan cupcakes again!

Thistlemoon said...

WOW! That sounds amazing! I totally love it!

Maggie said...

I've tasted a couple versions of chocolate beet cake liked it a lot. Nice job on the gum paste tools!

Esi said...

I haven't tried baking vegan, but these look so great! Hope your work load lightens soon.

Melissa said...

I have the same questions as sarah. :P Great idea for a thank you gift. And they do look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Now that's the sort of workplace I like. Blokes with sequins and women with metal-working devices.

And never an eyebrow raised.

Gosh, they're adorable wee cakes.

Sophie said...

I would loved to be thanked in this way :)! Glad to have you back, be careful with that cutting and drilling!

grace said...

the fact that these are vegan is spectacular, but i can't get past the little tool decorations! brilliant and extremely impressive! :)

Dharm said...

You in your 3.5 inch pink stiletto heels, black mini-skirt, and tailored black silk shirt must have been quite a sight!! LOL! But I must say those cupcakes look absolutely fabulous.. love the tools on top too!!

Alexa said...

These cupcakes are too cute. The recipes looks healthy for a cupcake and well-worth trying. Fun post!

holly_44109 said...

That's the best Thank You ever!!!

maybelles mom said...

Sarah & melissa: Ener-G is a commercial egg replacer available at Natural Food stores and Whole Foods, but you might try 1 tbsp soy milk powder + 1 tbsp cornstarch + 2 tbsp water + a pinch of leavener.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen: Thanks.

Maggie: Thanks.

Esi: Thanks. We could all hope.

Lucy: Thanks--and I do work in a wonderfully topsy turvy world.

Sophie: yeah, that is what the shop leader said too.

Grace: Thanks.

Dharm: thanks.

Alexa: hopefully they work out for you.

holly_44109: Thanks.

jd said...

Those cupcakes are 100% adorable!