Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Singapore noodles

The chill of winter is not oppressive like the heat of summer but instead insidious--creeping into your pores and down to your bones until you find yourself incapacitated. With global warming, I try not to complain of the snow; however its associated cold is harder to accept. Right now, there is a 6 inches cover on the ground thanks to the bizarreness that is lake effect snow. The other day we awoke to the beauty of new snow. Perfection; all of nature encased in a solid white haze punctuated by shimmer and glisten. Of course, all that is experienced and common in my life is new to Belle. I laughed when my exclamation of, “Look at the snow,” was returned with a most sincere, “Where.”

This sort of new snow strikes me as very different than the snows of February. We still have heirloom tomatoes from the garden on the sill but our bodies are aching for spicier and starchier foods. And while we have 50 pounds of potatoes in our basement thanks to the CSA, all I have wanted is pasta. In fact, “pasta, pasta, pasta” is one of Belle’s more common refrains.

An easy such pasta dish is Singapore Noodles. I admit it is not super-authentic, but I have only been to Singapore for 6 hours. And, anyway, Singapore noodles is that fantastic innovation of the Chinese abroad (not unlike my dear husband’s favorite ever—Gobi Manchurian.)



Singapore Noodles

(While I made some tonight, I was too lazy to take pictures. These are my summer version with snow peas)

Cook 1 lb rice noodles according to the package

If using tofu, marinate in soy sauce, sesame oil, olive oil, and garlic paste.

Stir fry vegetables until tender and set aside. This time I used equal parts onion, acorn squash, onions and kohlrabi, whatever is in season.

Stir fry tofu. Set aside.

Sautee garlic until delicious. Add cooked/drained noodles and then 2 T curry powder. Add back in the vegetables and tofu and set aside.

Top with cooked egg (Stir fry an egg with salt and a bit of soy sauce.) and hot sauce.



Jessica M said...

I'm so happy to have found this local blog. When you mentioned the pounds of potatoes plus your love of pasta it reminded me of a Deborah Madison recipe I make for our little family - it's macaroni-shaped pasta, potatoes, gruyere and parsley with some carmelized onions as a garnish. It's in Veg Cooking for Everyone and has become a staple meal during the coldest months. These noodles look fantastic and easy - we'll give them a try. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mmm... I'm scrapping my dinner plans and making this. Not only does it sound yummy, but you've hit on pretty much everything I have on hand at the moment and not one thing I don't! You're a miracle.

Cynthia said...

Those are the kind of noodles I like and I can eat them just so without veg or meats.

Sophie said...

I know what you mean about the cold, it even makes it harder to type! Oh but how I am not dreading the snow, not yet at least...this'll be the first time I see snow for the first time in years (but I'll probably be tired of it by February, or so I've been warned ;). I also never get tired of pasta! Surprisingly, I've yet to use rice noodles since starting the gluten-free diet, I'm missing out! Have a great Thanksgiving :).

Tiina said...

Such a nice and easy recipe! I'm more of a pasta than noodles person, but might just give this a try. We also got some snow this week in Helsinki, and they have forecasted a snow storm for tomorrow!


Alexa said...

This looks like comfort food to me... flavorful and lovely.

Anonymous said...

hello there my fellow clevelander,

I've had your site bookmarked for some time, and have been coming back to your singapore noodle post all week - it's just begging to be recreated in my kitchen. Hopefully I'll get the chance after thanksgiving.

You've taken some absolutely lovely photos here.

jesse said...

I grew up in Singapore, and I have to say... this looks AMAZING!

Maggie said...

They look delicious! There was a place near my parent's house in Detroit that had the best Singapore noodles. It was always my pick when we'd order out.

Anonymous said...

50 pounds of spuds? Wow. I feel a potato-rich set of posts coming on!

Love Singapore Noodles. Adore them.

maybelles mom said...

Jessica: glad to meet another clevelander too. thanks for visiting.

hilltrash: hope it turned out okay.

Cynthia: me too.

Sophie: have a good thanksgiving too.

Cinnamonda: i can't even complain about snow compared to you--and welcome back.

Alexa: thanks.

dana aka Gluten Free In Cleveland: welcome clevelander. thanks for commenting and the compliment.

jesse: thanks.

Maggie: oh, yes, me too.

Lucy: oh, yes, potato kugel, potato noodles...

glamah16 said...

Singapore noodles are always my quickie takeout order. Love them. Never have attempted to make at home. Thanks for the recipe.

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

50 pounds of potatoes? My head would just explode thinking what to do with the potatoes. LOL

I've read somewhere that there are no Singapore noodles in Singapore. From my experience, this seems like a Cantonese-restaurant-type dish. But I do love me some Singapore noodles. Craving right now.

Here, it's damp, damp, damp. Dampness seeping through. I must be getting old.