Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vegan Waffles

vegan waffles

I want to like pancakes, I do. When I was pregnant with Belle, my husband would make plans for Saturday morning pancake mornings. In his world, we would all work together to make pancakes, music playing gently in the background. Dad would flip. Belle and I would sit at the table anticipation in our voices. Then, we would all saddle to up large stacks of pancakes, drenched in maple syrup, Belle cuddling on her father’s lap. With pancakes described to you in this way, who wouldn’t want to like them.

If you have no offspring, you really think you can make plans; that you can predict who they will be. You can’t. Belle came out disliking pancakes intensely.
J—thought that maybe it was a case of tasting pancakes at least 10 times. Then he thought it might be need 15 times. Let’s just say, it’s a couple years in and neither mother or daughter have come to love the pancakes.

Though the girls in our family must be incredibly susceptible to marketing. Take that flour and milk mixture, and put it in a waffle iron, and well, we are sold. Sold, I say. If I decide to dissect this thing, I think it’s because waffles are fluffy pancake-iness encased in crunchy, browned happiness. It’s the crunchy, plain and simple.
vegan waffles

Vegan Yeasted Whole Wheat Oat Waffles

This recipe is the best vegan waffles we have ever made.

I am passing this recipe onto yeastspotting from Wild Yeast.

vegan waffles


coco cooks said...

Gorgeous waffles and love the baby in the background. So cute. I have never made a yeasted waffle recipe so this is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is one gorgeous stack of waffles! Thanks for sharing a vegan version!

Joanne said...

I'll be honest, I'm much more of a waffle girl myself. All those little nooks to catch the syrup and butter and hold onto it and never let it yeah. How can pancakes even compete? These look awesome and I love that they're vegan!

Alicia Foodycat said...

You have an adorable heart-shaped waffle maker - who wouldn't love them?

grace said...

heart-shaped waffles with crevices the perfect size for those massive blueberries. what a lovely post. :)

Ben said...

I also tend to like waffles better than pancakes but find that the best waffles I've made have lots of butter in the batter, plus yeast tastes much better than chemical leavening. I'm intrigued by using olive oil instead, though. Do these work without Ener-G? And, if not, is there any substitute?

Unknown said...

I tried making these with my mum for breakfast (I'm only 11) they're scrummy, finally a good recipe for vegan waffles, without this it would be a waffle-less world for me (I'm a fellow vegan)