Friday, July 16, 2010

Foodbuzz #bananasplit - White Chocolate, Mango, Blueberry Banana Split

banana split
I was a weird kid, which likely comes as no surprise. I wasn’t a big fan of ice cream. I blame my thin blood. The thought of consuming anything ice cold, chilling your teeth to the point of chatter,  was not that appealing to me. 

But, the banana split was something altogether different. The banana split was ice cream with a design sense. There were accoutrements. Standing in line, ordering a ‘split meant gave you an air of specialness. While the regular ice cream eaters were served and sent away with so little ceremony, the banana splitters would be asked to kindly wait. 

The girl behind the counter would pull out one of those molded glass trays that sat displayed with loving prominence on a shelf. Then she would return to ask about ice cream flavors. And here is where the fun began, for me. This is where eating started to blend into design. Careful choices could take you from the all American-chocolate, strawberry and pineapple standard to an exotic pistachio, mango sorbet, and chocolate. And, then after participating in the design process, your success was always greeted with whipped cream, an special extra long spoon, and a cherry.  And then at the end there was that sauce soaked banana.

(Sorry for the guerilla post, but foodbuzz has generously offered to donate money for Ovarian Cancer research.  I like, sadly, almost ever woman I know has lost someone to Ovarian cancer.  It is a brutal disease that takes vital woman and eats them from the core.    So, every small effort to raise money for research is a good one.  Thanks Foodbuzz and Kelly Ripa (yes that one), for more go here: )
banana split
My Banana Split
1 banana
2 scoop white chocolate cardamom ice cream
1 scoop mango sorbet
Top with
roughly chopped salted pistachios (the salt is a requirement) & fresh blueberries
mango ras (I used canned)
whipped cream


Heather S-G said...

Um. Hands down. Best Banana Split I've ever seen in my ENTIRE life. I would give a limb to have one in front of me right now...

Joanne said...

One of my cousins works in the ovarian cancer units at Sloan-Kettering and it really is one of the most horrendous cancers you can get...namely because it is rarely ever caught before it is too late. Such a good cause!

I love what you did with your banana kind of sundae.

grace said...

you win my award for the most unique-yet-still-appealing split! :)

Johanna GGG said...

I was never a huge fan of ice cream and have a ambiguous relationship with bananas but love the look of this banana split - the name alone conjures up such fun and frivolity

lisaiscooking said...

This is a very well-designed split! Now, I'm craving white chocolate cardamom ice cream with salted pistachios.

michelle@TNS said...

white chocolate cardamom ice cream, consider yourself on the list.

Thistlemoon said...

Now that is my kind of banana split - but no banana please! I know I am weird.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Most awesome banana split ever! The standard Australian banana split was chocolate, strawberry and vanilla icecream, which I never really fancied.