Friday, May 28, 2010

Egg Yolk Ravioli



Sit down for a plate of one of these with me.

Smell in the browned butter, the fresh grassy greens, the salty yolky goodness. Then, dig in. Feel that smoothness of the pasta; the slight tension, the toothsomeness of the freshly made dough; the faintly clean taste of the parsley in the dough. Then there is the creamy ricotta, the bite of a hit of garlic, the earthiness of the spinach and chard filling. And, then, revel in the yolk, coddled ever so gently, its unctuous glory bringing it all together.

Egg Yolk Ravioli

Pasta Dough:
On the counter, put a pile of flour (about 2 cups)
Make a well, add 2 eggs & 1 T spinach, drop of olive oil and then start mixing slowly. Add water if needed to get a dough. Knead. Let rest 1 hr. Roll out.

1 T olive oil
½ cup minced onion
½ lb spinach
½ lb swiss chard
celery leaves & celery salt
black peper
4-5 medium cloves of garlic
1 T dried basil
1 lb ricotta cheese
2 cups mozzarella
¼ parmesan


To make the ravioli, roll out the dough into sheets. Place a little tablespoon of the filling, make a well, add one yolk, cover with dough. Seal the two sheets with water. Cut into ravioli. Boil, and jump for joy.

Also, this week we are eating meatless for @Lornayee's #meatlessweek. Check out more.

And finally, we are also submitting this to the Royal Foodie Joust, from the Leftover Queen.


Desisoccermom said...

Whoa girl! Never thought of encasing an egg yolk in a ravioli. I am pretty sure I'll jump for joy if I eat this. Beautiful clicks. :)

Maninas said...

Yum! These are amazing! I love they way there's a cheesy spinach filling with the egg yolk, too.

Kate. said...

That's funny, Michael Ruhlman just wrote about the same thing! I'd never heard of it until then- your's looks delicious with the spinach and chard! I need to make this.

Joanne said...

Egg yolk is so simple but tastes so darn good. It lends so much flavor to everythign it touches! These look delicious. I love the green and white twist to the dough!

grace said...

oh, bravo! i LOVE the look and taste of oozy egg yolk, and ensconcing it in some ravioli is a superior way to package it up. well done!

pam said...

Amazing! That reminds me, I'm going to learn how to make homemade pasta this summer. Need to add that to my list.

FOODalogue said...

wow...that looks wonderful! So rich and creamy. And I loved that you served it on top of chopped greens.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. What a labor of LOVE! This is sheer heaven. You deserve to win the joust my dear!! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these ravioli sound amazing! The egg yolk goodness oozing out of the ravioli is simply irresistible!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Oh this looks good! Sadly, this is one just to dream about - my husband can't abide runny eggyolks, and I can't imagine going to the bother just for myself.

Anonymous said...

These raviolis look so good!! I have never seen anything like that. An egg yolk with every single ravioli!!!

Dragon said...

Oh my goodness, this is such a gorgeous pasta dish! Can't wait to try it myself. :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those ravioli are sooooo pretty! I love that egg yilk version. A great idea.



Ruth Daniels said...

What a glorious dish - great photos. I almost feel the need to grab a fork from here! One of these days I hope you share a pasta dish with Presto Pasta Nights.

Thistlemoon said...

LOVE IT!!! So beautiful and looks delicious!

Reeni said...

I was rendered speechless for a moment. These are absolutely heavenly! I want them RIGHT NOW!

Live to Cook at Home said...

This looks AMAZING!!!

Rebecca said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. It's making me drool. This is on the list for the next 'kids eat at Nana's house' night.

Carla and Michael said...

I just saw these on Royal Foodie Joust. I have to say I was following your blog for sometime and then you dissappeared for a while and I am so sorry I didn't keep following. Well, I'll be back to following you. I have to ask you though, if your pasta dough started out all green (spinach) how did you get them to look stripped? I so want to make these.