Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pikelets with Corn, Peach and Tomato Salsa


I am terribly susceptible to suggestion. (This is apparently confession weekend at feeding maybelle).

When I read about pikelets at more than burnt toast, I wanted them immediately. My desire was not born of cultural affinity or childhood remembrance. I had never heard the word pikelet until Bellini Valli posted them. But, the word itself seemed so charming, as if sitting down to the plate makes you a kid again dressed in your fairy outfit. Cynical Anglos and Australians might laugh at my naiveté. But, imagine never hearing of something say a moon pie; what picture comes into your mind?

So back to me and my susceptibility…I just couldn’t shake the pikelets. I woke up this morning and needed them. We used the recipe from Souvlaki for the Soul because it seemed flexible to adapt to both sweet and savory cravings. We topped half with fresh peaches from our CSA and maple syrup for J-- and Belle. For the other half, we paired them with a peach, tomato and corn salsa. As someone who is not super hot on pancakes, I found these pikelets perfect for breakfast—fluffy but neutral in flavor. I am hoping pikelets are the new pancakes in our house.

Peach, tomato and corn salsa

½ ripe peach
5-6 cherry tomatoes (I used both orange and red ones)
½ an ear of corn
½ small green chilli pepper

½ - 1 tsp fresh mint

In oil, heat and then add to salsa
1 tsp mustard seeds
5 curry leaves

Toss everything, add salt and lime to taste.

This is also my entry for One Local Summer. The milk is Snowville Creamery Whole, the yogurt homemade; the egg, corn, and peaches from Maple Valley and Sugarbush, the tomatoes from our yard.



chakhlere said...

wow!! Thats so inviting picture!!
Loved the combo of peach and tomato in salsa!!

momgateway said...

marvelous dish... the curry leaves must add an extra dimension of flavor!

Reeni said...

I've never heard of a pikelet before now! How delicious they look!

Kana said...

Now I have the urgent need for pikelets!

Joanne said...

I have never heard of pikelets before but I love the name. That alone would have been impetus to make them. What a great combination for the salsa. You captured some of summer's best flavors with these!

grace said...

see, when i read about the pikelets on val’s blog, i wanted them immediately too. the difference is that you’ve actually made them, and i’m still drooling. awesome salsa, too.

Johanna GGG said...

pikelet is a lovely word - even though I grew up with them I love them still (though my scottish husband only recently discovered what the name meant). Alas I don't know what moon pie is but it sounds magical. And that salsa sounds great - love peaches in savoury

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

I'm so glad you've embraced the pikelet! Theyt alwys bring back childhood memories for me. I love the salsa you prepared fro them...delicious!

Dharm said...

I"m just coming from Valli's blog and to find pikelets here too... I WANT SOME NOW! These look super delicious!

Alicia Foodycat said...

I DID grow up with pikelets and I have to say yours are the lightest, fluffiest, prettiest ones I have ever, ever seen! In Australia we usually just spread them with butter and jam.

Ivana said...

This looks delicious!!