Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bacon and Cheddar Puff Pastry Squares

Bacon Puffs

To say that the whole house filled with smoke would be incorrect. To be honest, it was just the kitchen, the dining room and the family room. Nevermind that at the time these rooms were filled with various in-laws. Nevermind that they were all starving. Nevermind that they are people who love their breakfast meats.

About ten minutes before this scene, I was saying to my husband, “I make bacon in the oven all the time. It should be fine.” I have a lifelong belief that hubris only offers returns in bad luck, so I should have known better.


But, when I paint a picture of scene, you can see how this all came to be. My nephews were over and I just wanted to please. Bacon is near the top of their list of pleasurables. So this how that morning played out. The family wakes up early so we are under the gun to make breakfast. Our Belle, who was a little over one year old, had been up in the night. So I was underslept. That morning, we were too ambitious--making waffles, fruit syrup, feeding our Belle yogurt, frying breakfast sausage…then there was the bacon. I had Belle on my hip. I took out the baking sheet. I opened the package with my free hand. Then with that same ONE hand, I placed the bacon on the sheet. At the same time, I bobbed and weaved so that Belle wouldn’t reach out and touch the raw meat. I popped the bacon in the oven with the help of my brother-in-law. Then I cleaned up the counter and went to set the table.

Did you notice what I missed? I forgot to put the bacon on a rack about the rack. That small step meant that for weeks we were cleaning bacon grease out of the oven (not to mention airing out our house and clothes.)

Cookie Cutters

Since then, I had avoiding serving bacon for guests. It’s been more than a year and I knew I would eventually have to face my fears. Donna Hay turned out to me my therapist on this one. She had a simple recipe where ham and cheese are baked on puff pastry—I subbed in bacon. I took out the fig paste and use a little mango chutney. The recipe was a breeze and was seriously addictive.


Bacon Puffs


Reeni said...

What a treat these puffs are. They look so delicious!

OhioMom said...

My son would love these puffs!! My kitchen is compact, I have a window fan but I would never attempt bacon in the oven because even on the stove top it is smokey, thus my window exhaust fan :)

Jen (Modern Beet) said...

oh yum! bacon + cheddar + puff pastry = sure fire delicious-ness...

sorry to hear about the bacon smoke, but hey, it happens to all of us at some point or another :)

Zoe said...

Mmm, I don't eat bacon but that does look goood!

angela@spinachtiger said...

I have a "family" story where my side board caught fire from a candle and I think it was because I drank too much wine, being nervous with my new husband's family. I can't stand to look at the burn mark it left. But I have invited them back.

Those treats looks like fun for kids.

Lori said...

Oh man- that stinks- ah literally. Dont you hate that. And you think I lost my kitchen mojo and then you realize you just did something wrong. I had a whole batch of curdled milk and egg that was suppose to be ice cream today. That was after steeping it to flavor it. Oh all that work down the drain. Cry. Waste. Cry.

I am so completely understanding here!

Jackie at said...

I made the same pastries this week with quartered strawberries and brown sugar. I love puff pastry!!!

Dharm said...

I love these kind of stories!! Just this afternoon The Lovely Wife melted some chocolate in the microwave although I told her to let me melt it over a double boiler.. Smoke, smoke, smoke and Burnt Chocolate!!! Your bacon puffs look really nice...!

Y said...

I've had quite a few kitchen disasters myself, but nothing that has put me off cooking a particular thing for good. The thought of bacon grease permeating the entire house for weeks, does sound a bit offputting though! :)

krysta said...

puff pastry, cheese and bacon.... i'm sold. i had a potato salad mishap that scarred me for life.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Glad you conquered your fear and moved back to bacon for this dish.

maybelles mom said...

Reeni♥: thanks.

OhioMom: yeah, you are a smart thinker.

Jen (Modern Beet): you are right, it does happen to all of us.

Zoe: I think you should try Jackie's idea of strawberries.

angela@spinachtiger: AAH, terrible. at least it wasn't a big fire.

Lori: OOH, curdled yuck. that really sounds bad.

Jackie at Such a good idea--strawberries.

Dharm: Ooh, chocolate is a tricky one too.

Y: lucky you to be unscarred.

Krysta: hope you have been able to look at potato salad again.

Bellini Valli: THanks.

Anonymous said...

I cook my bacon outside on the little side gas burner on our grill. We live in California and usually the weather is OK to cook outisde 99% of the time. I don't like the smoke and splatter in the kitchen, so we cook it outside. Just use a deep frying pan. I imagine you can cook it on a gas grill even if it doesn't have a side burner. Works well, and we love bacon! Try cooking outside, pretend you're camping. You may cook it more. . .