Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good News--it happens

I have had a quick flurry of good news blogwise. First, I received an Excellent Rating from Maggie at Dog Hill Kitchen. While it was flattering, it was also nice to link up with a new blog to read (new to me.) She has a fantastic recipe for vegan caramels and vegan snickerdoodle cupcakes.

So, it is my belief that I am to pass this rating on; I looked through the blogs that I read and chose 5 that I love that don't post an E. I actually looked three or four times, because I was stunned that these are not already rated E. In addition, as a lurker, for some of you, you might have had no idea I was out there, but what a way to make an introduction, no? And the E goes to...

Modern beet --Jen has a wonderful blog--pictures, design, concepts. She also has a farmers market carnival that should be on your monthly read list.

Mango power girl--MPG has quite an eye for photography and a service-oriented (green) mindset.

Dalitoy--This site has wonderful recipes and proves that there is not just one kind of Indian food.

Heights Eats--My fellow Clevelanders, Ben and Sarah eat and make wonderful food and like me choose vegan sometimes because it is yummy.

Also, in this warm fuzzy blog period, I actually won something. As they say, it is just an honor to compete, but, it is also an honor to win. This time it was A Slice of Cherry Pie's Easter Cake Bake and I won with the Vegan Bunny Cake. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.


MPG said...

Thanks a bunch Maybelle's Mom. I am glad you enjoy my blog :)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much! We'll add the badge later today!

Swati said...

Thanks Maybelle's Mom for stopping by my blog and for leaving your lovely comments.. I am so glad to visit your beautiful blog here and will continue to see each other often.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! How cool and thanks for providing the other links. I've really been interested in expanding my vegan repertoire for a multitude of reasons, so it's been nice to find inspiration here in my own back yard, so to speak. I'm adding you to my "appetizing" sidebar.

Another Indian site I like is Mahanandi. To render some of the recipes vegan, I have no problem swapping out the ghee for a delicately flavored coconut oil.

Anonymous said...

congratulations and thank you! now it's my turn to pass it on... :)