Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Masala Dosa

There must be at least 4 Asian import stores on Mayfield Road (mind you it is a long road.) But, I have always wondered if there is a market for them, but they do persist, and I try to help them along. I love to wander through a grocery store, even if I can't read the writing on any of the wares. Until Belle, and her potential allergies, I would be happy to try anything at least once. Now, I am more careful and ask more questions, but the purveyors are usually very capable of helping with any questions. Many of these establishments sell Asian convenience items--homemade toppings so that the busy Korean housewife can make a quick bibimbop, etc. The Indian stores have frozen chappatis and even dosa batter.

Dosas are a South India fermented rice crepe. They have an airy texture that is not nearly as spongy as injera. The flavor of the dosa is fairly plain. It is the fair counterpoint to spicy fillings. While it can be eaten plain or with chutneys, when stuffed it is usually, perhaps always, filled with spicy potato filling (masala).

Belle's constitution was starting to mend but I wasn't about to push it. So, I made a very mild filling for the dosas.

Potato Masala (for a baby)
Roast or microwave and then dice
3 red potatos

In a separate skillet, sauté in very little oil
½ small red onion, diced
¼ t cumin seeds
¼ t finely diced green chili

Once the spices are aromatic, add potato and continue to sautee. After the filling is completed, cook the dosas to order and fill. Eat when very hot!

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