Sunday, February 24, 2008

nami-nami Beef Stew

I have a new resolution—even if I don’t have time for a long-winded post, I will write up something quick—just so I can get the dish up. So, while I would like to write about how enticing the culture of Finland seems (at least through movies) or about how Bar Cento moved me to cook with beer, I really just need to go to sleep. But, I wanted to post this meal—Finnish beer stew. The original recipe was eaten in a fantastically romantic setting. (Read the original post from nami-nami.) Ours was eaten while watching Anthony Bourdain in Jamaica—that part was a little jarring. We decided to use tiny potatoes as we had them and we added carrots. Great recipe, thanks nami-nami.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful casseroles! Good luck with your new resolution - it's hard to fit everything in sometimes!

Pille said...

So glad you enjoyed the stew! And using small potatoes is a fun idea - I'll keep that in mind!

maybellesmom said...

Ladies, I have been working like a maniac, and trying not to blog. (best resolutions broken, eh.) But, thanks for the compliments and comments.