Monday, February 25, 2008

Height Eats' Immunity Soup

This was a sickly weekend, which is why I put down more than one post. My daughter and I were both sick, and my husband was going by the name Florence N. As such, I decided he should make me the immunity soup from Heights Eats. We did make a few changes. I had read about Chickpea Noodle Soup in the Veganomicon, so we added pureed chickpeas. We also added turnips and parsley root. As with Heights Eats, we had no astralagus root. (Go to their post for a discussion of this ingredient) Finally, we didn't use salt, but instead added salt preserved Meyer lemon (1-2 tsp). The soup was delicious, and I do feel a little better today, so panacea it might be.


Ben said...

Thanks for making our soup! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We can't seem to get enough chickpeas lately, plus we have some preserved lemon in the fridge, so maybe we'll try the soup again with your changes.

I really like the pictures you took of it.

Cinnamonda said...

The soup looks lovely. I hope you and Maybelle are starting to feel better already!