Sunday, February 3, 2008

Abruzzi At Home

Family is important to me, my husband’s cousin told me this afternoon. Sure it is. My husband has 4 times as much family as I do; what a blessing. Those that live in town come to the house a few times a year to cook. I won’t cite hard numbers as that would make me face the fact that we don’t see them as much as we should. Prior to marriage, apparently these meals, always Italian food, were complex. Now, they are almost always homemade pizza—kid-friendly and fast.

On pizza day, there are always caramelized onions on at least one pie. It is my husband’s favorite. And, while I tease him on the ubiquity of this topping, I have come to expect them. We paired them with a Spanish goat cheese. After Bar Cento the other day, I really wanted local goat cheese, ideally Lake Erie Creamery. But, apparently Whole Foods has a hard time sourcing that due to something or another. The second pizza was again my husbands attempt at recreating our Bar Cento night. He hadn’t tasted the egg and meat pizza that I ate that night, so he made his own. We used turkey Canadian bacon and asparagus. The look of the pizza was lovely when it appeared from the oven, but I don’t know if I loved the egg. This kind of pizza showcases the egg and I am not always an egg-lover. But, the Canadian bacon was enjoyable.

Belle, of course, likes to eat along with us, so we made her a soy cheese and asparagus pizza. I didn’t let her pizza brown like ours, only because there is one more little tooth coming in. The pizza was an enormous hit. Belle is after all a little Italian.

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